About Pranit Bauva

About Pranit Bauva

I’m a student at IIT Kharagpur, pursing a dual degree (B. Tech + M. Tech) in Engineering. I am a robotics and open source enthusiast. I am also a contributor to git. If you have messed up your git repository or need source control advice, I am your guy! I got selected in the Google Summer of Code program in my first year wherein I worked on porting the git-bisect shell script to C code so as to do my bit in making life of windows developers easier and less frustrating.

As you might have guess, I code a LOT. You can follow me on Github. I upload most of the code that I have written on the github repo though some are in private repositories. I have done many projects which you can check out in my github profile.

I am currently an Executive Head at Kharagpur Open Source Society where we try to promote open source culture in our campus. We organize workshops for Git, Dual Booting fest, GSoC seminar and various other stuffs. Our flagship event is Kharagpur Winter of Code wherein we help students by assigning them mentors to guide them when they get started with contributing to open source software.

I am also the Software Team Head at Swarm Robotics IIT KGP where I lead the communications team which is working on decentralized communication for mobile robots. I also lead the Computer Vision team which works on 3D reconstruction and distributed vision.

I play volleyball, throwball, handball, football, athletics, ruby and many more. I like to exercise to keep myself fit. I was the Sports Captain of my school Vissanji Academy where I learned all of the sports I mentioned above and also the captain of the volleyball and throwball team at Mithibai College.

The external repositories/organisations I contribute to in my free time are:

Also, I like tasting different types of alcohol. I have attended wine tasting in Sula Vineyards and also beer tasting in Brussels Event Brewery as an after-party of Git Merge.