• Fest Portal

    I helped in making the portal for our technical fest, Robotix which helps us a lot in managing our participants, the events in which they are participating, scores of each round, different teams qualifying in which rounds, certificates and many more such things.

  • Red blob following Bot

    I made this for the freshers’ Introductory Workshop. This bot follows a red colour object and stops as soon as it reaches extremely near to it using computer vision principles.

  • Automatic Goal Counter

    I mentored my juniors to make a automatic counter that can count the goals using principles of computer vision in a robosoccer match (robots playing football) in real time and displaying the score on projector along with the video.

  • Lane Following bot with Omni Wheels

    I made this after my autonomous robotics workshop conducted by Robotix. The bot which we made had 3 omni wheels in the shape of a triangle.

  • Bikini Extractor

    I made this project during my Image Processing workshop. What it does is that it takes in an image of a girl in a bikini and when you click on the bikini, the girl disappears but the bikini is left.

  • Simple Blog Creator

    I made this project in order to learn about web development and in turn wrote a few python scripts to automatically add new blog posts. It was kind of a very simple CMS which I made in around 6 hrs.

  • Periodic Table

    I made this for my school project back when I was 15 in Java.